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Anonymous: "Will I see you at This is Hardcore?"

I’ll be there day 4!

Anonymous: "What is it with hardcore music that makes people cheap? All I hear about online and in person are how expensive merch/music/shows are while the kids are holding an iphone and wearing a Northface jacket. How is it that a band as groundbreaking as Converge still does shows for $10-12? I understand part of that is that they are more interested in expressing themselves than money, but I feel like if they charged $25 for a ticket to the same show everyone would bitch even though its still a steal."


Most hardcore kids don’t care about sustainability.

They burn everyone out. They refuse to pay bands what they’re worth, and refuse to allow promoters to make a profit. They won’t pay what a 7” is worth, making the pressing of the format most closely tied to the culture nothing but a promotional item or loss leader.

They don’t understand the idea of a markup on goods. They believe that breaking even is the same as sustainable.

The markup on a punk 7” is 100%. That sounds good, right? Look at the projected sales and tell me that 100% markup is sustainable. Can’t. The numbers aren’t there.

Punk LPs are $10-$12. Indie rock LPs are $20. This might seem like a small difference, but I assure you it makes a MASSIVE difference to the artist.

If Converge called themselves a metal band, people wouldn’t think twice about $30+ tickets. But, because the band is closely associated with hardcore, there’s an entitlement on the part of the fans.

That’s a choice Converge has made and I don’t presume to tell the band how to do business. But, I would argue the fan who is unwilling to pay more is misinformed at best and a true jerkoff at worst.

"What’s the most you’d pay for a hardcore show?" Should never be a separate question from, "What’s the most you’d pay for a show?"

But what can you say to a world that believes Rob Zombie is worth more than Converge because the former has papermache tigers on stage?

Anonymous: "I met ray last night! Very cool dude. Told him I followed you on here. Boy thinks you cute"

I don’t see how I was randomly brought up in conversation between boys in other states, but sick!